Place 2-3 teaspoons of salts into your oil/electric burner, heat activates the fragrance to release a continuous perfumed throw into the air. Do not add water. Once burned out let cool and deposit into your green waste bin or wash down your sink.



Our scented salt crystals are designed to be burnt so don't be afraid to heat them up. You can use any electric or tea light burner. Fragrance throw times may vary depending on how hot you heat your salts. We recommend a burn time of 4 hours per use as our bodies scent of smell can become immune to the fragrance over time. A gentle stir of your salt crystals while burning will help increase the fragrance throw.


No matter how hot they get they will not catch on fire or magically go boom. You may hear a "sizzle" at the start of a new burn while the fragrance releases. They are safer to use than a candle as there is no wick or open flame. A good guide is while in use they should be warm to touch but not hot to burn. For safety reasons never leave your electric burner or tea light burner unattended.